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WW Update4,985 posts since 6 Feb 2007
From ARD in Germany, live coverage of Apollo 11 landing on the moon and the first moonwalk, 1969:

Part 2:

The broadcast was handled by WDR.
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WW Update4,985 posts since 6 Feb 2007
Speaking of the ARD network of broadcasters, we've seen the first color edition of SFB's local news, Berliner Abendschau, in another thread:

Here's an even earlier edition, from 1966, marking the 2500th edition of the broadcast, with another behind-the-scenes tour:

Berlin's SFB has since merged with neighboring Brandenburg's ORB to create RBB, but Abendschau -- serving the Berlin portion of the viewing area -- is still going strong:

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Moscow 24 / Москва 24 received new clothes today. Here's a video showing the branding, and starting from 1:28 the countdown and the start of the 1 o'clock news:

Earlier in the day, here's a video showing the moment the newsbar (abruptedly) changed to the channel's new identity.

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