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Central (West) Midlands Today
Covered pages ago by le chat français :
When did Swiss RSI's Telegiornale get a new intro?

No YouTube video of it yet so here is a link to the latest edition on the broadcaster's website:


Moving tables! (hello France 2)

EDIT: the change of intro and of set happened on January 28. https://www.bluewin.ch/it/attualita/regionali/la-rsi-inaugura-la-casa-dellinformazione-206799.html

Oh right.
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And le chat français brings you a video from a Российский телеканал which was in the news a few years ago: "Dozhd" / "Дождь".

Some headline screens (0:16), a clock (1:29) and the beginning of this channel's newscast, "Zdes i Seychas" / "Здесь и сейчас" ("Here and Now", in April 2018.

They loosely kept the melody from the former intro.

This is the neeeewwwws!!
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BBC World News
SBT, after a couple of years broadcasting their newscasts in sort-of-HD (the graphics and reports were HD, the studio shots weren't), finally upgraded their studio cameras to HD (and gave a facelift to the set - which got a peculiar airplane-shaped desk - and the graphics) today (and the analog clock, by the owner's request, is still there).

Here's how it looks like on their main evening newscast, SBT Brasil :

But the new look actually made its debut on their overnight news service, SBT Notícias , at 12:48am BRT.

And the transition from SBT Notícias (with a long close) to their morning bulletin, Primeiro Impacto (which, over the past few years, has become an in-name-only version of Univision's Primer Impacto , turning even more tabloid than its US counterpart):
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HTV West Points West
A new morning news format from KHOU in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.:


It looks to have been introduced sometime last year. This is the station's new set at its new building in Houston (fun fact: it's in the same building as the Saudi consulate!). They moved from Allen Parkway, their home of 40+ years, after that building was flooded during Hurricane Harvey. (There was an 18-month stint where their newscasts originated from local PBS affiliate Houston Public Media).
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BBC World News
I was discussing with someone about the new NHK set being over the top however I can’t remember what it looks like. Anyone got videos? I briefly thought the NHK set was the MBC set.
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