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Franceinfo; weekend morning news (new format), 2019:

Still has the best presentation of any news channel in Europe.

Here's another clip illustrating France Info's wonderfully elegant and versatile look:

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DW News has introduced new music and a slightly updated intro. Whilst no video of the intro by itself is available at the moment, you can rewind to the nearest bulletin at the top of the hour and watch the intro here:

I suspect that they have been rolling out the new music for their news programmes for the last few months. For people, like myself, who listen to 'Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten' (slowly spoken news, intended for those studying the German language), the music will be familiar as it has been in use for at least 4 months: https://www.dw.com/de/07022019-langsam-gesprochene-nachrichten/a-47402617
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Finnish is recognized as a "national minority language" of Sweden.
Estimations vary, but the number of people living in Sweden, and whose mother tongue is Finnish, seems to be around 450,000.

This explains the existence of a Finnish-language newscast, Uutiset , on Sweden's public-service broadcaster SVT. Here's the intro and the outro of one of these newscasts in 2006 on SVT2.

« Bah déjà on aurait une cabane… »
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Interesting that the newscast has Swedish subtitles. It's relatively rare for minority-language newscasts to have majority-language subtitles.

In a mirror image of the above situation, Finland's YLE has long aired news in Swedish for the Swedish minority in that country. Here's a historical compilation of intros (and/or outros) used by YLE's Swedish-language news broadcasts from the 1960s to the present:

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Bavarian public broadcaster BR revamped its late news last month: the bulletin has been halved in length from ten minutes to five, and it no longer has a presenter, instead using a voiceover to introduce reports. Full bulletin below:

And this is what Rundschau Nacht looked like before the revamp:

(Not the greatest video, IMO, but it was the most recent one I could find)
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A brand-new compilation of France Télévisions' recently refreshed overseas news intros, as seen on the various Outre-mer La 1ère stations (and France Ô in Metropolitan France):

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