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In a lot of regions, the magazine Ensemble c'est mieux ! takes place on the same set as the regional news; however, a few regions which have a separate set put this magazine in that separate set. This is the case in New Aquitaine where the magazine set looks more convivial and laid-back, therefore more suited for this programme imho.

« Bah déjà on aurait une cabane… »
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Good to see one of the FR3 regions putting in an effort with Ensemble c'est mieux ! The network version used for some providers shows the Paris Île-de-France edition which when watching in HD is on a par with the BBC English regions for poor upscaling.
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WCCO, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A,, 1982; I've always like the simple but distinctive theme used by WCCO in the early '80s. The crash of Air Florida Flight 90 is the top story:

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Moving on to Australia, an updated historical compilation of news intros from TVQ (Channel 0, then Channel 10) in Brisbane, Queensland, from 1974 to the present day. (The first intro is audio-only. And is it just me, or does their early 1980s theme bear a vague resemblance to a part of Eleanor Rigby?)

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TV2/FYN, regional news for the island of Funen, Denmark, 2019:


To clarify, that's for the late news at 10pm. The other bulletins still use the less shiny, white/red titles, which have previously been shared in this thread.

What I like about TV 2 Fyn is that it presents as a natural extension of the national channel. All the other regions are a hodge podge of different looks.
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