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Wasn't really sure where to put this but it's sad to see TV5Monde has left Sky and is now online only in the UK.

It'll only encourage Francophiles and French ex-pats in the UK to either buy pirate IPTV or do what I do and use a Smart DNS and a sub to Molotov in France or Zattoo in Switzerland.

There is the legal Vision TV Network service which offers France 2, 3 and 5 alongside TV5MONDE, but isn't great value for money.

Or a dish aimed at 19e or 5w with a TNTsat or Fransat-Card posted from the relatives or bought on ebay.
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Here's what I think is an incredibly cheesy promo from TVNZ in 1995, plugging the new-look early evening slot, containing a newly-extended hour-long edition of what was then called One Network News, followed by current affairs programme Holmes.

Another year, another cheesy promo (0:03 below): this one is from (I think) 1996, and is a promo for One Network News as a whole. Don't you just luurve the anchors' cheesy grins to the camera at 0:50? Laughing And how about that song? Cool Incidentally, the late news anchors from that era were actually an item at that point. The rest of the video is a mix of bloopers and various other bits and bobs from One (Network) News over the years, with intros from 1997 (the 10,00th edition of One Network News - 1:20 in the video), 1999 (2:24) and 2004 (4:27 - with my favourite version of the theme. I sound like such a saddo saying that... Laughing)

Finally, some excerpts (0:17 onwards in the video) from the final edition of TVNZ News at 8, a nightly hour-long bulletin broadcast on short-lived commercial-free channel TVNZ 7, which was closed down after New Zealand's centre-right government pulled funding for it. Since the channel's closure, New Zealand has lacked any true public service TV.

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France 2's special coverage of the "yellow vest" protests and riots:

This was shown instead of the Sunday prime-time film last night. It was one of those typical French slick handovers from the main 20h bulletin straight into the Édition Speciale in the same studio.

The domestic news channels on Saturday replaced padded programming for rolling coverage of the protests.
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I know. Ive always strongly disliked the CTV logo. Its not great. Well good news. THEY HAVE CHANGED IT! To this....
I was excited when i saw the link a few months ago and it turned out to be this. Ugh what a let down.

Underconsideration did a nice review of it.

Yes that bottom pic is the ground level of the venerable ChumCity building in Toronto featuring the patented StreetFront Storefront broadcasting environments, the original home to Citytv. Now call MuchHQ after CTV (well their orignal owners) bought Chum (Citytv's parent company) and then kept all the other Chum channels and then sold Citytv to Rogers and sent Citytv packing from its own HQ. Severing ties it had to all the channels Citytv had created. Sad.
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