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A compilation of current national, regional, and local news intros from Slovenia (including the Italian-language newscast for the Italian minority in southwestern Slovenia, and RAI's Slovenian-language news, which is rebroadcast on Slovenian television). As you can hear, Kanal A is still using the old ITN / ITV News theme:

Also spot the ProSieben lookalike!
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From France, Antenne 2's 8 p.m. news on today's date 40 years ago -- the extended pan at the beginning provides an interesting look behind the scenes of the studio (including the makeup area):

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BBC World
I am uploading a compilation of various opens and initial reporting from an incident that occurred this past Monday 20 May. A police officer was killed in Baltimore County, MD responding to a burglary in progress. Initially reports were that she was shot but she was the one firing her weapon as a Jeep trying to make a getaway was approaching her. The Jeep proceeded to run her over severely injuring her and causing her death.

Below (the video is still uploading) is initial breaking news coverage (mainly from the air) from WBAL (their initial report when it was reported that she was shot) with coverage from their helicopter - the report interrupted programming but only lasted about 10 minutes. Then their WBAL special report (which ran commercial free and preempted Ellen from 4 - 8 PM) when it was found out she was killed with more details coming from their helicopter pilot/reporter (who is a former pilot for the Baltimore County Police Department). Then there is WJZ's normal 4 PM open with reporting from their helicopter (they were on the air during their normally scheduled newscast 4-7PM and returned from 7:30-8PM). At 6:30 NBC Nightly News started off with reporting the death of the officer (it is in standard definition because WBAL continued coverage on their primary feed and pushed it to their subchannel); and finally the open to WMAR report at 7:30PM.

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BBC World
From Beijing, China - CETV1, the flagship channel of CETV (China Education Television 中国教育电视台), rebranded its main news program - China Education Report 中国教育报道 with new studio and graphics on May 18, 2018, and renamed it as National Education News Broadcast 全国教育新闻联播.
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BBC World
From South Korea - MBC News Today 뉴스투데이, the morning news program of MBCNEWS, received a new intro on Apr. 2, 2018.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
In Belgium, the VRT's newscast Het Journaal has received an update, with new titles and graphics. The backdrop behind the presenter is now the Brussels skyline, instead of the virtual newsroom that was there before. The colour scheme has also been updated, and there is now more prominence given to the 'VRT NWS' umbrella brand. Some screenshots below:



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HTV Wales Wales Today
Sky News is going free to air in regional markets in Australia following a deal with WIN, who now affiliate with Ten in most area after losing affiliation with Nine last year. There is potential for regional content on Sky News according to the announcement but I doubt it'll happen.

Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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