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WW Update4,214 posts since 6 Feb 2007
POP TV in Slovenia, which is owned by the same company, has used the same theme (with minor revisions) since 1995. This was its first newscast in December 1995:

WW Update4,214 posts since 6 Feb 2007
An announcer live in the news studio? Yes, if its' WNBC's Live at Five; New York, 1987:

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Le Neko172 posts since 29 Aug 2016
Here's Khadashot Eser's (חדשות עשר) musical theme from the new design, launched in the Autumn 2017 on Israelian channel Eser (ערוץ עשר).

As a comparison, here is how the newscast looked like in 2003.

Composer Irad Eshel has been in charge of Khadashot Eser's musical theme since 2003, as his website shows. He also worked on former public television IBA Channel 1's news theme.
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