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In Australia, the production of the only local newscast serving Darwin, Northern Territory, is moving to Queensland.

Here's a report about the move -- the package includes some historical footage:

And here's a montage of Monday's first Queensland-produced Nine News Darwin -- essentially a partly localized version of the Southern Cross / Nine news for "regional" (i.e. non-Brisbane) Queensland:

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From SBS in South Korea, a compilation of SBS Oh News/News Parade intros from 1995 to the present:

a compilation of SBS 12 News intros from 1994 to the present:

a compilation of SBS News Special intros from 2007 to the present:
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WW Update4,065 posts since 6 Feb 2007
An overnight edition of Heute from February 1996 but it's from the greenscreen studio and it takes place a few years after ZDF goes 24 hours:

Reminds me of this video of an overnight edition of Heute, with no images (just the newsreader reading from a script) and a very interesting approach to a two-way with a correspondent...

And here's a 1985 American promo for overnight news updates:

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The midday news (Híradó) on Hungarian channel Duna in 2012.

Orange intro instead of blue, because it's the midday edition.

Followed by a weather forecast.

Now fact me 'til I fart!
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Georgia's two most popular channels revamped their morning programs. I think they'll be familiar:

Imedi TV:

Either they have completely copied CBS This Morning, or they have a partnership that allows them to do this!
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