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New look TBS' News 23 (late night news, preceded by a Kirin commercial; a Kirin commercial would air before the late night news on TBS and Fuji TV):

Hodo Runner from Kansai TV (evening local news in Kansai region replacing Wonder which lasted for two years. The presenter was born in the early years of Heisei era. In this video, an opt-out from network news):

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An example of a report in HD on Malaysia's Buletin TV3's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BeritaTV3/videos/1707403805941460/

Buletin Utama has been produced from its upgraded HD studios since late 2012. However the output for broadcast is in SD.

All TV news programs in Malaysia except Bernama News Channel and possibly Astro Awani are produced in HD, but still stuck in SD for broadcast. (Note: Bernama News Channel and Astro Awani are the only two news channels in Malaysia).

TV3 Malaysia and its other stations in Media Prima group which still stuck in SD 576i and 4:3 is currently already airing new programs in 16:9 anamorphic since December last year. It is unknown whether TV3 will start broadcasting in HD and air news in HD.