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In 1999, ARD's Tagesschau moved into a new studio. This report includes a look back at the old facility, which featured the first robotic cameras in Europe:


The BBC were using Radamec (RP2s I think) robotic cameras (*) in N2 far earlier than 1999. In fact they were just taking them out of service then after using them since at least the early-to-mid 90s... ARD certainly weren't the first in Europe to use them if the 1999 date is correct.

It looks like ARD were using Radamec RP2s or similar too.

The BBC ran one studio with robotic cameras (N2) - that could move around the studio floor under remote control. They installed bar codes along the studio walls to allow the laser-based readers to register their position. The other BBC news studios of the time (N1, N3 and TC7) didn't use robotic cameras, just remotes (which had remote PTZ+Elevate heads, but couldn't move around independently)
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ARD certainly weren't the first in Europe to use them if the 1999 date is correct.

I think 1999 refers to when they were superceded by a building move?

Yorkshire had them in 1979, as seen in their Christmas tape choreographed dancing across the studio.


That makes a LOT more sense. On further viewing the kit in the gallery looked a LOT older than c.1999 tech...
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The BBC were using Radamec (RP2s I think) robotic cameras (*) in N2 far earlier than 1999.

Sorry, I didn't phrase my post clearly enough. It was the the original facility that had the first robotic cameras in Europe, presumably in the 1960s or even the '50s (you can see them in the clip).

In his 1967 book, Radio and Television Broadcasting on the European Continent, Burton Paulu already mentions that Tagesschau is produced using remote-controlled cameras, so they must have been adopted before then.
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CGTN launch video

Adding on to the change of CCTV International to CGTN, a new opinion program named The Point with Liu Xin debuted on January 2, 2017. The program airs in Studio C07 of the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing, China. Here is a full recap of the first edition.

Link to the introductions of CGTN news programs:
An article on the CGTN launch by Newscaststudio
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SFB (now RBB), local news for Berlin, 1990 -- after the fall of the Wall, but before reunification:

And another edition from the day when Stasi offices were surrounded by angry crowds in East Berlin:

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Granada North West Today
YouTube user Bintro has uploaded a brand-new compilation of current news intros from across Europe:


Some fascination clips on there!

Not sure who did it first, but there is a lot that is reminiscent on there of the ABC News look in Australia. Also a lot of lights down in the studio whilst things whiz around.

Ours definitely feels amongst the least creative.
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About the ZDF MorgenMagazin video: Very nice set for a morning news magazine!

In Cameroon, Le Journal of Canal 2, right after the election of Donald Trump in the USA.

Featuring: a countdown to the news; an intro; a headlines sequence; a strange element which closes the headlines and does not look like the rest of the graphics; a strange way to alternate between two anchors, with obvious use of chroma-key; the newscast ends at 29:47 with an outro, followed by some commercials, probably some paid programming, and more news reports.

Now fact me 'til I fart!
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