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A bit of fun tonight...

Take a look at this 1982 news promo from WBZ in Boston:


And now compare it with this promo for this week's reunion of WBZ's news anchors from that era:


It occurred a few weeks ago for a May sweeps piece. It wasn’t them delivering a full newscast but rather maybe 10 minute segment at the end of the 5PM.

I’m having trouble editing. But it turns out the reunion was just a five minute package.

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WBZ also did a fantastic recreation of one of their promos from 1980 during their "One 4 All" days with a side-by-side comparison with the original promo . At the time of the original promo, WBZ was the NBC station in town.
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Canal 13, Chile; Teletrece , 2018:

Teletrece close and weather, 2017:

(One thing that should be noted: the Chilean television watershed is 10pm and broadcasters have to announce at that time or some time after that - usually at the end of their evening newscasts or, in that case, during the weather - that they're past the watershed)

And the opens over the years:

Also, staying in Chile...

Mega, Chile; Ahora Noticias (main evening edition), June 12, 2018 - full-length broadcast (with commercials):
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From Guangdong Province, China - GRT (Guangdong Radio and Television 广东广播电视台) rebranded its main news program - Guangdong Xinwen Lianbo (Guangdong News Simulcast 广东新闻联播) with new studio on Feb 10, 2018.
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There's a new regional broadcaster in the Spanish Generalidad Valenciana, and its name is À Punt .

Regular programming started on the 10th of June of this year, replacing Canal Nou which was shut down in 2013.

The new channel also has a new newscast, which name is À Punt Notcies or NTC .

Below are the first minutes of the very first edition of NTC , with the titles starting at 0:09 in the video and the intro at 3:57.

Here's the intro for the nightly news, with what looks like a segment-display clock…

The morning edition seems to use a much more modern-looking clock:

For the record, here's how the Notícies looked like in the final year of Canal Nou and its sister channel Nou 24 (both channels shared the same news branding):

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