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I really like how it looks. Given that they're only in New York temporarily until they move to Washington later this year, it bodes very well for the permanent set.

I don't dislike the new theme. I'd have preferred it if they'd gone for something that reflected the programme's heritage - but I can see why they want some consistency with the CBS This Morning theme.
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NBC NEWS DC BUREAU MOVING - It has a really good view of the Capitol. And if my memory is correct this will the first or currently in use, network news bureau in DC with streetfront studios. Nice location.

PEACOCK NEWS ... ANDY LACK, the chairman of NBC News, used a town hall at 30 Rock today to preview the network's move from the Nebraska Avenue studios to 400 North Capitol, just blocks from the Capitol.

This move has been long buzzed about in D.C. and New York. As Playbook reported in April 2017, NBC has taken over the old Johnny's Half Shell space, and plans to make it a street-level studio with floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of the Capitol.

NBC is moving 350 D.C.-based employees to the new bureau in time for Super Tuesday 2020 -- March 3. "Meet the Press" and all of MSNBC's shows are moving to 400 North Cap. NBC will have space on five floors in the building. “Moving from NBC News’ historic Nebraska Avenue location to North Capitol allows us to brand ourselves in Washington in ways we’ve never done before,” Lack said.
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After 23 years at the Fox News Channel, one it its longest serving presenters, Shepard Smith, left the network on Friday, October 11th. Smith was primarily the news presenter covering breaking news after stints hosting The Fox Report , Studio B , Fox News Live and most recently, Shepard Smith Reporting . A move that stunned his coworkers, including presenter and VP of Business News for Fox News and Fox Business, Neil Cavuto and correspondent John Roberts.
Here is Smith’s farewell message plus reactions from Cavuto and Roberts.

Smith also got a farewell from Special Report host Bret Baier

Smith’s departure from FNC comes 24 hours after the US Attorney General William Barr meeting with Rupert Murdoch and a warning from Fox executives to Smith that he should not attack prime time opinion host Tucker Carlson https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/9/27/report-shep-told-to-lay-off-tucker Carlson and Smith publicly feuded on FNC’s airwaves after a guest on Carlson’s show insulted a Fox News employee and a frequent guest of Smith, Andrew Napolitano.
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Love the genuinely shocked expression from Neil Cavuto, I wonder how many people knew. The people behind him on the stupidly oversized screens didn't seem to react.

Shades of Cilla Black and that bloke who resigned from Midlands Today... except in those cases they didn't to hand over to a flabbergasted colleague

Neil's comment on Shepherd Smith not aging amused me, he's always looked like he's not a stranger to cosmetic surgery
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Shepard Smith received a send-off from HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Meanwhile, FNC retitled Smith’s show as Fox News Reporting . Hosting the October 14th edition is Trace Gallagher, who was previously Smith’s deputy presenter on The Fox Report .
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