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i don’t think there’s too much to read into these graphics other then these are bespoke for this show, first of all better colour scheme for Studio B so that’s a plus, the titles are disappointing it’s not a patch on Impact or the Nine, the music is disappointing, someone went crazy on the glockenspiel there, the lower thirds don’t look right at all it’s really the headline strap they used the wrong reith font, should have used the ones on Politics Live, it just dosent work squishing the text within the area, it’s too high but that could be because bbc news channel and the rest of bbc news are using current graphics, the live graphic is better but I am sure that’s not in its usual place either and on the news channel it’s all looking wrong, I am sorry to says it’s by far the worst Reith implementation out of the Reith project.
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Ictoria Derbyshire?

I just can’t understand why people are saying this. There’s a huge V which is clearly before the ictoria. It’s called a capital letter. Why is it so difficult to see?

I like them. When the new News Channel graphics come the gap will go and I’m sure they’ll look even better.

Because it's disjointed from the rest of the text, in a different typeface, and in negative. It doesn't flow naturally, so I don't blame people for reading it like that at first.

After all, people on here weren't spotting the speech bubble at first, and this is the place where gaps in projector cubes produced page after page of discussion. Why is it so hard to understand that people may not spot the V in the first instance?
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Well they're not amazing but they aren't awful either. The animations are quite nice. Two things I think that need sorting are:

1) The colour of the logo. Should it be white? Purple? Blue? Yellow? It's a bit pointless changing the colour when purple seems to be on screen most of the time. Not quite sure why they can't have it pulsing between the other colours like the old dog did. Either that or just pick a colour and stick to it.

2) The purple bar - it doesn't need to take up the whole screen. Surely it could be made shorter and sit above the the caption bars (a bit like programme name titles do) and fade between each of the five contact methods. Would look a lot tidier and less obtrusive.

Some very quick mocks (i.e. rushed and by no means perfect) to illustrate some thoughts:
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I haven't seen much of Victoria on TV/heard here on radio so maybe I'm being a bit harsh but can't exactly say I'm impressed by her presenting in that brief clip. The 'Hope you like it ... and if you don't .. we've done it now so it's too late' quip sounded horribly stilted and her delivery in general just seemed rather abrupt.

As for the look, can't say I've impressed - the previous look actually looked more modern IMO. The purple V logo looks rather dated in all honesty. And as everyone else has mentioned the graphics being so high up is a misstep,

Victoria shouldn't be allowed to talk to viewers like that. It'd be like Tesco getting a new logo and walking in after the revamp to be told by the manager if you don't like it, shop somewhere else.
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So Impact, and Victoria Derbyshire are Reithed.

Is Newsnight next?

Hope it’s News Channel lower thirds.

Newsnight is the only show with unique graphics, so I think it has to be that, it has to be better then Victoria Derbyshire surely?

Somehow they're still using the 2008 style DOG and aston, also is HARDtalk. I thought they would've changed them by now.
It’s a news thing. OK?