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Radio 4 very briefly in the late ’70s had jingles - well, as close as you can get to jingles for Radio 4, musical interludes really. As you might imagine they didn’t last long…


Kenny Everett liked them so much, he used to play them on his Capital Radio show, saying how lovely it was for R4 to have jingles Razz
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Here’s a thought - I wonder why the distinctive BBC News sounds have never made it to any of their radio news programmes?

BBC Radio York used quite a bit of the David Lowe music in the early 00s. I think they lifted anything they could - I remember them using the Newsline, Wales Today and Reporting Scotland themes for various station sequences.

Also the 2004 IQ Beats package for Radio Leeds, which was resung for Radios Kent and Stoke, incorporated the thunderclaps rather nicely at the top of the hour.

I’ve always thought though that it would have been a good branding exercise for the national networks (at least those that use jingles) to have included more David Lowe elements around bulletins to tie them in with the BBC News brand. I’m surprised in particular that Five Live, with all its rolling news, never adopted any of it.