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Johnson Vs Hunt. Buffoon Vs ****!

I tweeted something very similar to that a short while ago . . .

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(Until further notice!)
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Here we go!

Can’t believe nobody has pointed out that this tweet uses the old five colour logo. I thought this was a major point of contention on here Wink
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With this not being a public election do the general rules regarding impartiality stand. Whilst I'd expect news programmes to be impartial and fair in their coverage, considering the impossible choice nature of it and the fact the vast majority of viewers don't have a vote you'd expect entertainment shows to be able to show their cards a bit. The Last Leg for example have spent the last 7 years quite rightly criticising Jeremy Hunt at every turn - but if they were to declare for a candidate right now I expect they'd back him over Boris.
I preferred the internet when it had a sense of humour.