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Tony Morris has died

Split from Granada Reports

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Just heartbreaking. Poor Lucy just about holding it together until the final moments. Even more heartbreaking to think that officially they can't even give each other a hug at the moment, though I'm sure nobody would begrudge them breaking those rules today.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
harshy Founding member
Yeah a lovely tribute show there he will definitely be missed Sad
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nwtv2003 Granada North West Today
They got the tone of the programme tonight absolutely spot on, it was such a fitting tribute to Tony and Lucy handled it very professionally. Such a shame that their partnership had to end this way, but it’s nice that there have been so many wonderful and warm tributes to him.
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
TV Live / Podcasts
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London Lite Recently warned London London
Kudos to the the ITV network CA who recorded a special GR intro this evening. The whole bulletin in typical GR style was respectful to his family, while showing his excellent sense of humour and journalistic skill. The end caption with animated signature was a nice touch.
cmthwtv West Country (East) Points West
I saw the tribute a moment ago on ITV Evening News. I had no clue who Tony was until today, and having looked into him in the past few hours I can genuinely tell how nice a man he was, and how appropriate the tribute was to him. It sent me off a little bit as well, such a short battle, such a nice man.
Andrew Founding member Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Sad news, like others I didn’t even know he was ill and wasnt hosting the programme. The tribute programme was well done as you’d always expect in these circumstances. It shows the strength and connection people have with regional news.

The news was covered briefly on the ITV Evening News as well tonight
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JamesWorldNews Central World News
rob posted:

What a lovely man.
@JamesWorldNews | #StayHomeSaveLives
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RDJ Central (West) Midlands Today
Lucy done superbly during the show. Loved how the other two correspondents came round the desk together in a socially distanced fashion with their memories too.

It must have been very tough for her. Held it together with just a few wobbles before losing it at the very end. It can't have been easy. They must all be devastated there as you could see Tony was a very lively soul in the workplace.
Central News South January 9th 1989 - December 3rd 2006
JosiahStuart London World News
Lucy did a fantastic job of anchoring the show (even with her voice occasionally cracking a bit between some of the VTs), and it was so heartbreaking to see her lose it at the end before that last montage.

Even for me, as an American who watches ITV on occasion, I could feel the liveliness that Tony brought to Granada Reports and ITV Granada as a whole. He will be sorely missed.
DVB Cornwall West Country (West) Spotlight
Generous tribute from Richard Frediani ...

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I've never watched Granada Reports but it is such a shame to lose someone who seems to have been a brilliant person both on and off-screen.

Brilliant work from everyone at Granada (and the Network team at ITV) for getting a fitting tribute together at short notice. Tony will be missed dearly.
Fan of the media industry, from the UK.
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