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The Times’ Radio Station after “BBC News Stars”

(February 2020)

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Interesting tonight, Jon Sopel was a guest on John Pienaar's evening show today!

Isn't that a bit like having Jon Snow on Marr's programme!?

Not exactly as Jon Sopel is an editor so can speak on American Politics, Jon Snow is an anchor so isn't a specialist

Well, OK, Robert Peston on R4's Today might have been a better analogy.

Anyway, it seems Jon Sopel is doing the rounds plugging his new book, I switched on half way through the interview and missed that bit.

Nevertheless given Times Radio's target audience, it did seem slightly surprising, even if Sopel was wearing a different hat. I did double check the radio's display didn't say 'BBC R4'!
Sopel was also a guest on Alastair Stewart's show on TalkRadio yesterday afternoon

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