The Newsroom

Thames Valley T0-Day

(May 2007)

tony page
I do wish 'they' would do something about the 'heavy breathing' of the two presenters. The man is the worst with very audable and annoying sharp intake of breath between sentances. Perhaps a different 'mike' might help?
brotherton sands
By 'the man', I presume you mean Wesley Smith?

I've never seen TVT myself, but I can't imagine that the presenters' initial breaths can really be all that intrusive, surely? Are you sure you haven't just got over-sensitive hearing? Confused
Oh I dunno: the sharp intakes of breath seem to make the news delivery that bit more dramatic and pacey. Remember, this is Thames Valley we're talking about, where one story about a cannabis farm raid in Oxford or a mugging in Reading, sounds like any other. Wesley rules!

Oh, this little chap seems lost - hello!

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