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I saw this repeated this morning for a few moments. Not sure if this usually happens on The Week in Parliament, but it appears that the presenter was green-screened onto a photo of the Politics Live set, and 'Saturday in Parliament' was just overlayed on the top in the corner, with no perspective effects applied to mask it into the screen.
Aspiring continuity announcer.
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The 50p they put in the meter must have run out, as by the time the results were in, the party leaders had made their tributes, and the house was suspended until approbation, we were left with out-of-vision commentary over the Millbank Tower live shot.

Back again at 9.30 for approbation. I suspect there may already be a camera down in central lobby for news, so perhaps we'll see the Commons trooping over to the Lords this time.

[Edit] we did not, though there was the usual excellent commentary of the hat-doffing.
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