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Sorry if this is a bit off-topic, but I didn't see the point in dedicating a whole thread to it, and it is politics-broadcasting related...

I was under the impression that footage from Parliament wasn't allowed to be used on comedy/satirical programmes - for example last year, John Oliver's Last Week Tonight had to cut to black on its UK broadcast because it used Parliamentary footage. Charlie Brooker had previously complained that he couldn't use footage on his shoes, yet This Week could, complete with comedy sound effects, on account of being a supposedly serious politics programme.

On tonight's The Last Leg , though, Parliamentary footage was shown. Have the rules been relaxed in the last few months?
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I don't think so, a few episodes ago The Last Leg had the same problem.

Could be just a context thing, I haven't seen this weeks to see how they used it

It was a clip of the speaker, in his usual style, telling a right honourable member off for shouting ‘Ahoy there’ at the transport secretary Chris Grayling, which involved the speaker repeating the gag to much hilarity.
davidhorman2,174 posts since 8 Mar 2005
Channel Channel Islands
Adam subsequently said they couldn't re-use the sound clip of the speaker saying "Or-daah!" because they can't use footage for "the wrong reasons." But it's not like they used the original clip for insightful analysis, it was really just for a laugh (quite rightly) at Chris Grayling's expense. So it seems odd that HIGNFY can't/won't do the same.