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Primetime1,847 posts since 24 Jul 2006

The Sunday Edition with Andrew Rawnsley & Andrea Catherwood is ITV's brand new political interview and discussion programme.
The live studio show will continue the tradition of live political programming on ITV at the weekend and will feature the traditional ‘long format' interview as well as incisive debate by key players in politics, the arts and business.

The programme will have three distinct segments:
-Breaking news and political stories will kick off the programme and be brought up to the minute by interviews with key figures and commentators.
-The in-depth political interview will lie at the heart of the show.
-Discussion of major issues and interviews with big names from across the range of arts, business and culture will offer insight and provoke debate.

Sundays 11am, ITV1
Jonathan2,142 posts since 3 Jul 2005
I think Andrea's nerves show through quite strong, hopefully she will relax a bit more later on. Her interviewing is slightly wooden, like her presenting, but she interviewed the Muslim guy pretty well.
Square Eyes7,800 posts since 31 Mar 2001
A couple of presentation things, it was coming from the ITN studios, looked like a re-dressed Channel 4 News set to me with the screen.

And the programme was copyright London Weekend Television at the end.
Primetime1,847 posts since 24 Jul 2006
Andrew Rawnsley and Andrea Catherwood both seemed very nervous. They'll probably be more relaxed by next week, I'm not sure if I like the studio and presentation. Maybe I just need to get used to it!
johnofhertford353 posts since 30 Sep 2003
I was surprised it came from ITN studios - thought it would be TLS, although I suppose Dimbleby had switched from TLS at the end of its run, so maybe TLS is just full up.
ohwhatanight3,055 posts since 2 Jul 2001
I quite liked Andrea on this - she seemed a bit more real even if a tad nervous. That Andrew guy seemed more nervous than Andrea but eventually settled down. What has he presented before? Was it Channel 4's political show?

Graphically I absolutely hated the opening titles. It was like a TV Forum mock of mixing ITV Day idents with a splash of This Morning. Really POOR!

The studio and graphics were much better mind - shame it was all made in 4x3 rather than proper 16x9!

As political shows go it was ok and more suited to an ITV audience than a BBC audience and just felt a bit friendler and inviting than previous political show offerings.

Will certainly watch again next week to see any improvements!
johnofhertford353 posts since 30 Sep 2003
That Andrew guy? Oh God!

Andrew Rawnsley, one of the leading political commentators and authors in the country. Former presenter of A Week in Politics (Channel 4) and The Westminster Hour (Radio 4).