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Ben posted:
NerdBoy posted:
She now has no legs after having Meningitis in 1997

Hardly relevant?!

Bet they run with that angle though. Rolling Eyes

" a Sky News Special tonight at 9.30 : The Person Behind The Tears; what life was like living with meningitis and a man who turned out to be a suspected murderer"
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p_c_u_k posted:
As far as I can see (and I work in this area, in Scotland, where you could argue the Contempt of Court law is enforced a little bit more strictly than down south), there's no major issue with naming people being questioned by the police. That is a matter of fact.

Not so sure about that, obviously it's open to legal interpretation, but looking in Ncnaes Essential Law For Journalists using a phrase like 'helping the police with their enquiries' about someone who is later released without charge he could sue for libel because it could be claimed that the phrase implies guilt


If they are charged, they will appear in court and the information will become public anyway.

That's irrelevant, as they might not be charged. As was seen last night the police did name and give details for the charged man, but not the one on bail.
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fernando posted:

By the way, presumably the media got the two mens' names from the police originally? If not, from whom?

They didn't, it was journalists on the ground that found out the names. It's not hard once they know were they live - just ask neighbours
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fernando posted:

I find it hard to even understand why people's identities are released when they are charged, let alone when merely arrested suspects. Maybe there is some intentional purpose or hoped benefit from this? If so, do let me know as I am not familiar with the law.

Naming and giving details when someone is charged is done to prevent any confusion with anyone else, i.e. it's this Stephen Wright and not any other who might live nearby . Besides, the details are made public when the charged appears in court.