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Of course its a new look programme, half of it is coming from Edinburgh Wink
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No new set on Monday, but will have some alterations.

Going by this tweet from John, there will be a new look as of Monday.

He replied to a tweet on Twitter saying that there was a new look but not a new set. Just a few small changes.
From Scotland to the world.
BruceBBC (previously Bruce12345) 575 posts since 14 Feb 2013
STV Central Reporting Scotland
This is from MacKay Mail:

Hi ,

The new-look STV News at Six launches tonight.

I’ll be joined by my new co-anchor, Kelly-Ann, but we’ll be in different studios.

Lots of people are asking how it will look.

The first thing you will see is the opening titles. They are always recorded because they are technically complicated, so we will record two different sets.

Viewers watching in the West will see me deliver the opening headline, Kelly-Ann will pick up with the second one and there will be a West sports story. In the East, you will see Kelly-Ann read the first headline, I’ll pick up with the second and there will be an East sports story. (Although because Scotland are playing tonight, it’s likely the two sports stories will be similar). They will have to be the exact same duration.

We will share the opening link into the top story, but it will not be a split screen. If Kelly-Ann is speaking you will only see her and if I’m speaking you will only see me.

As we progress through the programme we will share most of the links, but if it’s a particularly strong Edinburgh-based story, for example, Kelly-Ann will take that herself.

At the end of the final story before sport, both studios will split.

In the West you will see me introduce Raman, in the East Kelly-Ann will have Paul with her.

Again, the sports desks will have to be the same duration.

At the end of sport, both studios will come back together and that is when you will see us both on screen at the same time, each of us in a box side by side as we go into a lighter final story.

Then we will be joined onscreen by Sean, so the three of us will be on screen simultaneously as he introduces his weather.

Finally, Kelly-Ann and I will be onscreen together to end the programme.

It’s a challenge in terms of presentation and production, but we hope you like what you see. Do let us know.

See you at 6.
John MacKay

Sounds simple enough Shocked
From Scotland to the world.
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