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Mike W London London
It’s happened for special editions. but to be honest I’m not sure

Correct; Covid titles are special titles so have the programme name legend on them
Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
Are we ever going to see Justin, Victoria and David reunited in the studio?

I thought all regional news programmes were going to remain as single-headed as a cost saving measure? However, there's no reason why David won't eventually make a return to the studio.

20 days later

James Vertigan Founding member London London

Not sure the BBC South West gallery know who is presenting Spotlight tonight! 😄
Stuart West Country (West) Spotlight
The Breakfast bulletins are back, and they've dispensed with the 'Bar stool and bistro table' look, in favour of just using the desk. No doubt this is only temporary, but it looks much better (once my OCD gets over the odd difference in line spacing on the screen).

m_in_m Anglia (East) Look East
I always find it interesting how breakfast regional bulletins get branded. Some just use the regional programme name while others use a hybrid.

I think I'd prefer the BBC logo to be higher up a bit in that image.
Ballyboy UTV Newsline
did anyone spot the 2015 cats cradles and town names on the screen and the fact the BREAKFAST logo is the old one?
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9 days later

JamesTV West Country (West) Spotlight
ITV News West Country's 6pm programmes returned to dual presenters again this evening:

BFGArmy Channel Channel Islands
ITV News West Country's 6pm programmes returned to dual presenters again this evening:

The ITV Channel Islands 6pm bulletins too is also back now to being double-headed - for the last 6 months of so it had only had the 1 presenter due to COVID (mainly either Jess or James)

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