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Well it wouldn't work with CI. When Plymouth went down and came from Bristol, the Islands could only put their bulletins on social media.

That 6:30pm "Points West & Spotlight" presented from PW's usual Bristol studio/set did include one (or two?) CI story/stories as well as a smattering of South West stories. This confirmed - if there was any doubt! - that the namestraps are burnt in to CI's reports.

They were the only namestraps that animated on/off that evening, as the namestraps generated in Bristol can only mix/fade on and off. They were also of course "BBC Channel Islands"-branded, whereas all of the Bristol-generated namestraps that evening went with the neutrality of just "BBC" with no other words after it.

Because CI's packages are edited in Final Cut Pro I believe and the astons are templates in that.
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Tonight's ITV News West Country lead with a live pan-regional segment about the latest twists & turns of the Brexit saga.

The title sequence and opening headlines were sub-regional, with no mention whatsoever of the "possible general election" Brexit news. The brief studio presenters shot during the opening spiel had the relevant sub-regional outdoor backdrop.

After the post-headlines sting, the presenters had the CGI gallery backdrop behind them, and threw to political correspondent David Wood live in Westminster. They also had a live OB at a pro-EU demonstration in Taunton (a town considered to be an editorial overlap of both West Country sub-regions).

The programme finally split into two at 6:10pm. The final moments leading up to the join were the presenters reading out Contact Us / social media details, accompanied by full-screen graphics of the same information. When the studio shot returned, the outdoor backdrop had been reinstated.

We had the fully live edition here in the East ("HTV" land), as the very next item after the 6:10pm join was another Brexit-related OB from Gloucester, with the on-screen location graphic stating "Live" (which is obviously avoided for pre-recorded OBs).
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Lou Scannon
HTV West Points West
Once again there were live pan-regional sections of ITV News West Country tonight to cover Brexit developments, albeit just 6:01pm-6:05pm and 6:28pm-6:30pm on this occasion.

We got the otherwise pre-recorded edition, here in the East sub-region. (Given away by the lack of "Live" bugs on OBs from Cheltenham and Bridgwater)
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Kudos to Inside Out South West this evening who dumped the green screen nonsense and had a special about the Mayflower with Jemma doing links between the VTs on location.

I'm sure they'll be back to chromakey next week though, when it's not a "special" edition.
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Just seen this on Spotlight’s FB page, not sure how long they’ve been doing it but it seems to take inspiration from the old BBC Three 60 Second bulletins https://www.facebook.com/bbcspotlight/videos/455810598612930?sfns=mo

So, two flabbily-scripted news stories, some films you can see in the south west (the box office can't be that much different from elsewhere), a cat photo and the weather. All done for a competing media outlet, owned overseas, which will use this to sell advertising which it will keep for itself. All in the belief that Facebook is where young people are, which might have been true eight or nine years ago, but even if they are, they won't be following the BBC regional news there.

At least they haven't let the 60 Seconds music go to waste, though.
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I find it hard to be too critical of that. The movie bit is gratuitous and lacking regional relevance, but may be a clever bit of playing Facebook's algorithms to get this video to pop up in the news feed of people who have engaged with other content about the film.

It will have cost nothing but a bit of time to put together, and if it gets their news content seen by people they wouldn't normally reach, fair play.
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