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ITV Wales like English anchors don't they? First Byrne and now Pentelow. Will be sorry to see Kylie leave West Country though.

So who is likely to become the main female lead on West Country? Ellie Barker must be a favourite, unless they parachute in another presenter from another part of the country.

Isn't Ellie only part time?
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Carl Edwards has left ITV Cymru Wales this week too so with Andrea on Mat Leave I think it's understandable that they've poached Kylie as otherwise it's just Jonathan Hill left to fend for himself.
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Given that Kylie tweeted that she was leaving West Country "for a while", it's hopefully just a secondment and she'll return to Brizzle when ITV Cymru Wales recruits someone new. Unless Kylie applies for the permanent job herself during her secondment? I hope not, as I'd be sorry to see her gone for good.

A mate of mine is also sad at her departure, for more reasons than one (he called her a "thinking man's crumpet", when I shared the news of her departure). Her charms are of course wasted on me, duckie. As long as lovely weather presenter Charlie Powell isn't going anywhere, I'm happy... Wink
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Extended theme in use at the end of tonight’s Spotlight over images of the Messenger statue arriving in Plymouth today.

I love that music - a shame we don’t get to hear more of it more often! With the music, titles, set etc Plymouth is streets ahead of the other regions in terms of pres, IMO.
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