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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Is he from the region even if he doesn't by the sounds of it sound like it? I know on Look North they always made a big deal on how the main presenting team was 'born and bred in Yorkshire' to get one over the competition.

I can imagine old ladies muttering at the bus stop about the new posh bloke reading the news, but then on the opposite side you've got Steph McGovern who's had no end of criticism for allegedly sounding too common. (not my words I hasten to add)
Stuart6,529 posts since 13 Oct 2003
Westcountry Spotlight
It looks like Spotlight have added some more red to the studio under the backdrop of Plymouth.

Indeed, it's totally unnecessary tinkering, and has covered the area that used to have some LED lights that looked like reflections of the city's lights in the water, as well as the 'pillar' in the middle which is now an opaque bit of plastic. Confused



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South Today2,378 posts since 10 Feb 2003
A slight reshuffle of presenters at ITV West Country - Ellie departs the GMB bulletins with a move to reporting. Matthias takes up this helm leaving Sport and Jonty takes up the role as Sport correspondent.
South Today2,378 posts since 10 Feb 2003
All change at Channel Television with Mark McQuillan announcing his departure in August after 7 years.

Jess and Mark must be one of the longest partnerships for the programme? As it always seemed to be going through main anchors at one point with many duos not lasting more than a few years.

Wesley co-presenting tonight. Maybe he will go for it? Although it would be good to see a return of Oscar Puffin! Very Happy
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