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Meridian (North) South Today


What opt be affected by the outage? Even though there are studios for BBC Channel Island locally I imagine they're routed / played out from the Plymouth studios.

My next question would be how is the MUX handled? Is it done locally were they could get themselves back on air.


See my other post from today regarding ITV HD regions.

All transmitters are fed with the muxes fully assembled at code and mux centres at centralised locations.

In Fremont Point's case, the BBC Mux (that contains BBC 1 Channel Islands) is fed from the BBC C/M centres, at two fairly secret locations, on the UK mainland. The BBC Jersey output, is indeed fed via Plymouth to those centres. There is no direct connection between the Jersey studio and Fremont Point.

The fibre problems led to a loss of that incoming feed from the mainland (it may have also affected the link to Plymouth) so Fremont switched to RBS (1970s expression used by the BBC and IBA Re Broadcast Standby).
All the main UK DTT transmitters have a satellite 'RBS' transponder that carries core national services, to maintain PSB 1 and 3 in case of fibre (etc) feed failures.


Only national (Eng/Scot/NI/Wales) BBC versions are carried, not the English regions.

So in the CI case, BBC 1 would switch to the generic English sustaining feed.

Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was handled differently because it was outside the country.

Same architecture, there's just a slight difference that Jersey Telecom will be involved with the provision, as British Telecom have no presence (?) in the CIs
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Central (South) Midlands Today
Ian Axton is leaving his role as presenter of ITV News West Country to become the head of news for ITV West Country.


Sad news! Ian worked well with Vanessa and Kylie and has a good on-screen presence. I wonder who will be Kylie's new male counterpart? Bob Cruwys maybe?
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HTV West
Will Kylie become the lead presenter?

Judging by her solo presenting on the national news, she'd be just as good.

But... it would be nice for Steve Scott to return to ITV West. Fantastic presenter. Always had a laugh with him presenting too. I remember once when there was a Katie Price marriage story on the national news headlines half way through the programme... when it returned back to Steve & Vanessa Cuddeford, he said "Katie Price marrying again eh? Who'd have thought? Who'd have cared". Oosh...
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HTV West Points West
Noticed in recent weeks that the 6pm ITV News West Country has started favouring putting up the namestrap to identify the two main anchors during the immediately-post-titles two shot, rather than waiting until after the post-headline sting & wideshot (as was previously the practice).

Given how relatively brief that very opening studio shot is, and how faffy the animating on/off the ITV News namestraps is, it has to start animating on within about a nanosecond of the mix from the end of the main titles, and finishes animating off about a nanosecond before we cut to footage illustrating the first opening headline. Not really a fan of what a visual rush this makes for.
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I am the one viewer of ITV West News.