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Anglia (East) Look East
Spotted something interesting in the background of this tweet from TV Live:

The panels behind Adam Boulton look to be Sophy Ridge on Sunday branded, but if I'm right they've never been seen on air? We've seen on the forum before the below images from when Ridge's show was launched, and the proposed studio in Westminster for it:
The first programme of course came from the glass box and I think since then someone has said that the show was originally supposed to come from Westminster but was moved to Sky Central. Did they perhaps make that decision late in the day, with the set constructed already but subsequently never used? Must be quite an oddity if so!
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The entire Sky News Raw day (in two parts) is also on Sky's OnDemand section accessable on a Sky+HD box.

It's not actually the whole thing, it's just a 1 hour excerpt from 8am and a 40 minute excerpt from 4pm.
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