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Chat about Sky News Presenters and Rotas Here (July 2010)

Vanessa Baffoe is the sister of Claudia Liza-Armah and has just also become a Sky News presenter, according to the twitter feed of the latter.

Indeed, this morning she did 2-5am... well, actually 1.50am because they played the wrong playout of Ian King Live at 1.30am so the Press Preview went out instead.
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Baffoe also presented the breakfast bulletins on BBC London on Monday, so has presumably gone freelance.

Also worth noting that Vanessa and Claudia-Liza were launch presenters on London Live, Baffoe did the travel badly, but has improved immensely when she joined Look East.
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Steff Gaulter has rejoined Sky News from AJE.
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Last night’s paper review featured a special surprise for Botters at the end of the programme: she’s been 25 years with Sky News. Hard to believe, but that’s a fact. Where does the time go?

It seemed fitting that that image doing the rounds on social media from last night’s broadcast was one of Anna together with the late, great Bob Friend.
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Anna Botting is the best female news presenter by a mile on Sky News. Amazed she's never been snapped up by the BBC, or ITV like Etchingham was. I think Anna Botting is far superior to her old colleague who ITV poached. Then again maybe she's satisfied at Sky News.

She looks great and has a semblance of gravitas and a warm personality on top. 25 years! 1995 seems like yesterday it's so fresh in the mind still. Half my lifetime, sobering thought.
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