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Westcountry Spotlight
Another car crash interview on Sky News this morning with Adam Boulton and a 21 year person from Extinction Rebelion. Cringeworthy from both sides of the argument.

To be fair the lad being interviewed had no answers and wild claims. For example he said we should only fly in emergencies and we're all going to run out of food and die.
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Here's the interview.. (Part of it)

Does Graham Norton have Norton Security installed on his computer?
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Here's the interview.. (Part of it)

Adam Boulton needs to be removed from television permanently. He's become so VILE and offensive to watch. Watching this makes my blood boil.
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Takewaways from that clip:

-Poor by Adam Boulton - and not the first time this sort of thing has happened with him. Not sure why he's kept around these days - he's not a great presenter, Dermot, Niall and Sophy are all better as pure political presenters and Beth Rigby is a brilliant political editor.
Sky could cope without him in a way they probably couldn't a decade or so back.

-Didn't think much of the guest either but then one criticism I do have is that Sky News do often bring in some more 'provocative' figures (to put it that way) as guests or to be interviewed and if you do that you run the risk of this sort of thing and it's true of both sides of the political spectrum. The likes of Brendan O'Neill, Owen Jones, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Carole Malone and others regularly appear on Sky News far more than their actual insight would warrant.

-Owen Jones always seem to be in a state of permenant outrage. The perfect example of what I was mentioning yesterday about the 'angry mob' Twitter mentality.
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So we go from Jayne to Adam for the LBC style shock-jock confrontation of guests.

Meanwhile on the other side there's been talk about general incompetence at some presenter's abilities at handing Breaking News.

Not been a good couple of days for the UK based news channels. Is it silly season?

I'd guess so, after months of endless Brexit coverage, some presenters have now taken their Pledge/LBC style of confrontational interviewing techniques to climate change protesters and young tenants who are being evicted.