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I think it’s a step back in a way, moving from the breakfast slot which is regarded as one the biggest slots bar 10pm. However since his role on Sunrise has been limited somewhat then moving to three shifts where he hosts solo is probably better for him. However if they’re moving Niall to Sunrise I think it’s a safe bet it’s going double headed once more, Niall is very good and would be wasted doing Jonathan’s current role.
It seems a straight swap for Jonathan and Niall, with Jonathan moving to 10-2 on Saturday/Sunday & on a Friday Sky News Tonight 7-9.
I’m assuming Isabel will return to Fri-Sun Sunrise? Gillian therefore returning to Fri 11-2 & Sat/Sun 5-8.
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Generally I'm supportive of most of the recent schedule changes.

Have to say don't like this evenings line-up after Mark Austin though, think they're good people in the wrong slots.
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Adele Robinson anchoring Sunrise this morning alongside Tom Macleod.
Can’t remember her making too many daytime presenting appearances. She’s pretty good actually.
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