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Granada North West Today
Has the daily schedule changed for the summer now? Kay tweeted she’s on at 12noon? I recall last year they split the shifts?

I assume it's part of Sky's 'One Day of Crime' thing they have going on today. Sarah Jane Mee is still on now (11:25am) from a police control room in Middlesborough, with Gamal in the Glass Box for the other stories. Rewinding on the stream SJM anchored Sunrise so guessing she's doing 6-12 and Kay 12-6:30.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
I never thought I'd be typing this... anyway, Lorna Dunkley is now an anchor on the ABC News channel in Australia:

She, of course, isn't the first British news presenter to work for the ABC - former ITN journalist Ros Childs has presented the lunchtime news on ABC for many years.
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