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Oh dear, it's way too early for this to happen for her.

On the other hand, I can see why Sky are doing this.

The three main Sunday political shows are presented by middle aged men, with a clique of guests from the Westminster bubble. Sophy at least being younger will have a more youthful scope on politics and is an alternative from the usual.

At least the format plays to Sophy's strengths as a political journalist than generic newsreading.
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Hopefully they give it to Gamal, I doubt it would happen but out of all the reliefs and new batch of people he is by far the best but appears not to be rated in Sky and can barely get a shift. Sophy Ridge is very much liked and I don't see why, she isn't good at anchoring and in news-reading her delivery is forced and she comes across cold and indifferent to everything, yet she will now be a full time presenter and is no longer a political hack.

I'm not saying Sophy Ridge should never be a presenter, but the rate she is rising through the ranks over the past while is far too quick and I don't understand it, she has a long way to go before she is a polished and accomplished presenter, now she gets her own show?

Do we know if Dermot will now do Sky News Tonight on Friday to make up, or is he cutting back his hours?
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Okay, it's fairly clear things had drifted significantly off-topic from being presenters & rota related. A couple pages worth of posts have now been removed in an attempt to get this thread back on topic.
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