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richard h1,513 posts since 11 Apr 2003
The angle for the interview on the big screen inside the box looks a lot nicer than the pic during the rehearsals from outside the box with the lights covering peoples faces - I hope that idea was dropped completely
TV Dan
Awww lovely shot of a cleaner pushing her trolley - maybe we could make it into a game of the best things to spot Shocked
IrelandIsle (previously IsleOfIreland) 225 posts since 1 Sep 2016
Don't like it at all.

It looks like a cheap regional newsroom with too much background stuff and is very distracting. Very quickly over the last year sky news is going downhill with the cuts to output then presenters now studio.

As for the staff who decided to leave. They clearly have one up on all of us. They effectively over the last year dismantled everything that sky news it's identity.

Theme tune

Sky news is just an also ran these days. Having watched the channel for 15 years it's got to the point where it has lost its identity and has become a low budget BBC clone.

Hopefully all the ex staff will turn TV somewhere together later on. As for me. Back to BBC. Rather watch the real thing than a cheap clone
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