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Oh no, not another fake newsroom... Thumbs down

The new studio has only one component that's green-screen. The rest is a "proper" set.

But the green screen will be a virtual newsroom?

The virtual newsroom will NOT be very prominent. It will ONLY feature behind the virtual screen that will also be on the greenscreen. It's all a bit confusing but when the set launches you'll get what I mean
Sky news forever
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Is the plan to update the lower thirds and wider on-screen graphics set as part of this?

The lower 1/3rds in particular have never been easy to read, particularly if watching on mobile.
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So there is a virtual newsroom, on virtual screen and also a greenscreen? Why can't they just have a real studio? Is it a question of budget having spent everything on the glass box?

I would say the graphics would get an update, the reason is that they are totally out of place with the new logo, when other sky channels have switched to a lowercase logo the graphics have largely cut back the use of capitals in graphics.
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i don’t understand so this old studio started in 2005 which replaced the original that started in 1989 what happened to the original 1989 studio? and now we are in the glass box, so I am guessing in the history of Sky News this is the third studio?

I guess I'm becoming a little reminiscent as I get older, but I really liked the last iteration of the first studio (complete with the slightly garish, tabloid graphics that Sky News became quite well known for).

I'm sure it was seen as quite groundbreaking at the time - the use of a newswall (the original one) - and the very effective breaking news transition which would turn the wall red behind the presenters.

Sure it was cosy, but I always felt what followed (and what's about to be disposed of) felt a bit too big, showy and cold.
I'd have it on late in the background whilst madly trying to finish uni coursework, with Gordon Radley keeping me company though the night.
I was a few pages behind on this thread - but I'd agree with you. There were a lot of neat little innovations at the time (which occasionally got this forum frothing at the mouth), like occasional use of a polecam, presentation from the newsroom, and frivolous excuses to "roll out the floormap!"


It was quite pacey too - news would throw to sport who'd throw to weather. That was lost a little in 2005, when it felt like all the budget had gone onto the new studio, so there was less money for newsgathering, and consquently there was a lot more padding between items.

I seem to remember there was a safety wire that ran across the length of the floor and the screen. If the presenter was wearing a light colour you'd end up with a black line going across them. Was extremely distracting.