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Sky news logo change may well be coming soon, I've just noticed that in Sky Central they've changed a few Sky Cinema logos to lowercase and a purple colour instead of uppercase redish.
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The new Cinema logo is NOT purple. There aren't "a few" Cinema logos in Sky Central - there's just two by reception.

There's going to be a refresh of all logos in time, so yes, News will likely be included - at some point. Maybe.

I suspect you're pretending to know stuff that you really don't.
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EastEngland150 posts since 3 Jun 2017 Recently warned
It looked purple from the side on view - Revista De La Liga on Sky Sports this week came from the ground floor of Sky Central, there was a Sky Cinema display set up in the background where two logos were seen.

Maybe be a little less confrontational because I did see it and I have perfect vision thanks very much as my day job requires it, the angle probably is what made it look purple since as you may be aware when you look at screens from certain viewing angles it can distort the colours