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Anglia (West) Look East (West sub-opt)

With Sky News' new studios launching at 11am today it seemed like the perfect time to start a new thread for presentation. This thread will automatically open just before 11am, and the existing one will close.
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richard h1,426 posts since 11 Apr 2003
well that was an underwhelming launch
Same TOTH, same theme tune, we saw all of 10 seconds of the studio before going back to Jonathan Samuels in Calais

The screen looks curved close up

nice zoom out from the box after the coming up sequences
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Yes, a little boring, it really was the perfect time to bring back the Voice of God at the TOTH - That shot from outside of the box is screaming for it!

I wasn't expecting new music, it would've been nice, as the current theme is just a glorified headline bed, but what can you do?

The set looks good, if not a little washed out.
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The launch was a little overshadowed by the lives from Calais.

The background is not the best, just a load of staircases, also the audio sounds very "echoey", I guess a result of all the hard surfaces.
Need to see more of it to judge properly.
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I personally like the glass box, it's so clean! I guess this is because the cameras are on the ceiling as opposed to the floor. Also it's only been on screen for about 30 mins so it'll be good to see how Kay & Sunrise use it. I think the screen looks slightly curved due to a wide angle lense? Might be wrong but I'm sure Outside Source and the big screen at sky centre also look curved. But... NO GAPS in the screen, adding to the cleanliness.
richard h1,426 posts since 11 Apr 2003
Looks like Colin and Jayne are sat at a different angle to earlier in the hour

Nice smooth camera movement

I like that you can't see anything at ground level it gives a sense of space - had they kept the same set up as sky news centre it would look very cluttered as I originally thought

The wide shot showing the 2 floors behind looks quite nice -Not keen on the close up shots.

All the people are distracting on close up shots - looked like someone was getting a coffee from a machine earlier
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TV Dan
It looks so different from those first rehearsal pictures that members we're shouted down at for criticising Rolling Eyes

I just don't get it...

Fair play to them, they seem to be ripping up the rule book on TV production but the back drop of stairways and windows with the sun shining through isn't particularly eye pleasing. Camera shots aren't even head on with the desk so one presenter looks bigger than the other. Standing at the big screen inevitably includes off shoot and what appeared to be a metal bin to the right of Colin earlier. Vending machines, a cafe, people sat around on wooden blocks... for one of the biggest news channels in the world, its extremely underwhelming.

Even the shot from outside the box makes the whole thing look like a pop-up studio at an exhibition hall.
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