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Joshua2,932 posts since 9 Jul 2005
I wonder if they will stream the Launch Day on Youtube like Al Jazeerza Balkans did. That was actually quite interesting to watch.

AlJazeera Arabic simualcasted the launch of AlJazeera English, too. It would be nice if Sky News did the same, atleast to promote the service.

(Warning, its quite loud!)
fodg091,363 posts since 24 Jul 2007
I wonder will Sky News UK station more correspondents in their Sky News Arabia bureaux and if so I wonder will they deliberately focus more on stories in that region. It would have been ideal for the Arab Uprisings last year.

I gather it was a requirement for applicants to reporting roles for SNA to be fluent in English and Arabic, so I imagine Sky News Arabia's correspondents will be able to do lives and the like for Sky News UK. Although I guess it would be too time consuming and impractical for them to do separate English report packages, so maybe the UK channel might choose to station their own separate correspondents in some of the bureaus.

Certainly having access to reporters and footage from bureaus ranging from Syria to Morocco and Iraq to Saudi Arabia should greatly enhance Sky's overall coverage of the region.
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Suggestion is that the launch of the full Sky News Arabia website with news reports etc. will take place in February. Presumably mobile apps won't be too far behind and then obviously the television channel will appear in the Spring if all goes according to plan.

The set will be installed in a few weeks time,
Preparing equipment for the Sky News Arabia studio and getting ready for our trip to Abu Dhabi to install it all in a couple of weeks time.


Joe Khawly will be covering the Yemeni elections for SNA,
Soon I will be covering the elections in #Yemen.


And the Riyadh correspondent has arrived in Saudi Arabia after a meeting of all the reporters at the Abu Dhabi HQ.
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Martin Stanford has just been talking to a correspondent captioned on screen as 'Sky News Arabia Correspondent'. Is this the first time a Sky News Arabia correspondent has being used on the UK channel?
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Martin Stanford has just been talking to a correspondent captioned on screen as 'Sky News Arabia Correspondent'. Is this the first time a Sky News Arabia correspondent has being used on the UK channel?

I was going to say the same thing. And no, no one has been used from Sky Arabia yet.
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The Head of Output for SNA appeared on Sky News UK live from Abu Dhabi this morning,
Live now on @skynews: Dr Yasser Thabet Director of Ouput for Sky News Arabia on football violence in #Egypt



Interestingly this picture appears to be taken from the international version of Sky News HD, which has been rolled out in a good few countries.

Also noticed a few tweets about the channel from a Sky UK producer on Twitter,
Met the Sky News team in Abu Dhabi - Adrian Wells and Nick Phipps. Both v upbeat about the launch of Sky News Arabia in April. Studios are ready and staff beginning to move in, recruitment in full swing. V interesting to hear their views on the hurdles overcomed.Nick and Adrian left me in no doubt the channel is going to shake up the way news is covered by Arabic language channels...And Sky News will benefit from having access to English speaking correspondents from Sky News Arabia in locations where....we currently have no bureaus i.e Cairo, Gaza and remarkably, Riyadh. Exciting times..

fodg091,363 posts since 24 Jul 2007
With all of these adverts now on Sky News UK, does this mean the Arabic channel will be broadcast here as well?

It's going to be on the Sky platform in the UK. Although I doubt the market for an Arabic language news channel in the UK is particularly large (or even existent?). Will be good to see from a presentation point of view though, and hopefully Sky will carry the HD version aswell.