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A tweet from Mark White at Sky News:

Mark White ‏@skymarkwhite

To all Arabic speakers, Sky News Arabia now broadcasting to the UK and Ireland. It's on Sky Ch855 . I Can't understand it, but it looks good!

Is the channel still available? It's not coming up on my box.
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pic quality on Sky Digital is 544x576 on Hotbird 13e 720x576 and on Nilesat 7w its in HD, isnt this a Sky owned channel so they cant even show their own channels in HD, what jokers.
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Just flicked on SNA before 9pm to see how they were covering events in Egypt and noticed they were broadcasting from a fairly breathtaking rooftop studio. It seemed to be a press preview style show, hard to tell because of it being in Arabic, but I couldn't tell what city they were in. It did not look like Abu Dhabi but wherever it was the studio looked absolutely stunning.

Edit: CNN seem to be broadcasting from a very similar looking location in Cairo, guess that is where the SNA set was.
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UTV Newsline
I had found this only briefly on the TVC News channel last night but I thought that it would be good that I share this with you online.

The Sky News Arabia offices in Sudan have now been shut down by their Government in a new crackdown against foreign media outlets. Al-Arabiya is the other media outlet that is based in the UAE which is also known as a foreign media outlet.

A Sky News Arabia Correspondent in Khartoum Tarek Al-Tijani s quoted from saying the AFP that the authorities there have shut down his office, seized his equipment & banned him from working there.


I have to say without no doubts in my mind that this is absolutely disgraceful behaviour which should not have been dreamt of happening. That region in Sudan is now going to be left without a foreign voice of opinion which should be making a huge difference for it's people.

Censorship He We Come!
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UTV Newsline
You are going to be delighted when you hear this development guys! According to this satellite list; you can now get Sky News Arabia via the Free to Air Astra Satellite.


I have this channel now from my home in Dublin while I had to re-tune my Satellite channels only last night after uploading a new channel list & doing a blind scan. I was extremely happy with the outcome as the channel's picture quality is much improved in SD rather than doing it via a laptop. Very Happy

If you can't open up the webpage; Here is how to tune it in manually.

Astra 1N 10.876 V SR 22.000 FEC5/6 ( Is that the same channel frequency when viewing it on Sky? )

Happy Viewing! Very Happy
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UTV Newsline
Just to let you know that Sky News Arabia is now gone off and switched over to a new satellite position.

It suggests that it is no longer available on Freesat or FTA satellite and has now been encrypted on Sky via the Astra 2A satellite. Is this theory right? I can easily add this as a new frequency transponder on my Triax Combi-box, do I not?

Old Frequency
10876 V 22000

New Frequency
12266 H 27500

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