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Not a problem if the mods disagree but I thought it might be worth separating the posts about the new channel from the Sky News UK topics.

The 'Launch Technical Director' has written on the Sky News Arabia website about how they chose the location for the studio complex and how the build is progressing ahead of the planned Spring 2012 TV launch ( SNA is supposedly launching online and through apps etc. later this year). In what is quite a congested marketplace it will be interesting to see if the channel can make any significant impact.

Its now been a year since the first trips in mid-2010 to Abu Dhabi in our search for the HQ of Sky News Arabia, and things are starting to take shape. During the initial months we looked at numerous locations throughout Abu Dhabi that we hoped would be suitable for this colossal task ahead of us. We eventually settled on the facility you see in the photos here.

Its an existing studio complex, right in the heart of Abu Dhabi, and over the past 24 months its been the home of numerous television productions, from Live English Premier League sports sets, to a giant playground for a childrens TV show. In order to transform this from a regular studio, to a 24/7 newsroom, we needed to make a few changes!

Working with local teams in Abu Dhabi, our initial concept drawings of what we needed to achieve are beginning to come to life. We engaged with architects, applied for permits, stepped through numerous approvals processes, and finally at a point where we can let the construction teams get on with the job. Weve kept the existing core of the studio, and shortly will punch some giant holes in the wall, allowing access to the multimedia newsroom, craft edit suites, and live graphics production teams.

In addition to this, the foundations are already taking shape for our 3 floor extension to the complex, this will eventually house everything from our journalists, correspondents, presenters, editors, support teams, and all our other operational staff right through to the Studio Gallery, and our News Operations Centre.

He includes some pictures of the new complex under construction, including the studio with what I presume is the previously used football set in place.


From this,

To this,
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One look at that studio, and all I can think is 'America'. Red, white and blue everywhere, red and white alternating stripes. Obviously, there was a need to interconnect the brand with existing Sky News resources, but given anti-American sentiment in the region, I can't help but feel that the end result is exactly the wrong choice for an Arabic channel.
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There are lots of interesting photos and studio impressions on the website - well worth a look. Their studio looks great in terms of layout and design, but definitely the colour could be a problem. It's subliminal and I can definitely see some come back from the choice of colours, however strong they are to the Sky News branding.

For years now, the Arabic channel market has been completely saturated. Why did they bother when I can count: Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, Al Hurra, BBC Arabic and the many more regional stations. Unless they offer something completely unique and something that hasn't been done, I can't see this being very viable.

It looks like a very flexible, spacious place as well. A really modern, but classic Sky News design.

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As easy as it is to be Anti-Murdoch considering the general perception of Sky is they are owned solely by the man I've no major issue with News Limited taking over all control, and to be honest no real concern with Sky News being owned by the same company who owns The Sun and The Times. Perhaps that is nave, but I think the "spun-off" solution doesn't really benefit the public as a whole.

However in Australia we are seeing the damage too much Murdoch control can do at Channel Ten, which since the arrival of another spawn of Murdoch has seen it's sports channel rebranded as a general entertainment channel and it now looks like their news service on the main channel could be slashed.
Shouldn't that have been posted in the "John Logie Baird has Invented Television" thread?
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As easy as it is to be Anti-Murdoch considering the general perception of Sky is they are owned solely by the man I've no major issue with News Limited taking over all control, and to be honest no real concern with Sky News being owned by the same company who owns The Sun and The Times. Perhaps that is nave, but I think the "spun-off" solution doesn't really benefit the public as a whole.

It benefits the public, but no-one else. I don't think the shareholders or the staff are keen on it and to be honest I don't see how it can work in the long term, especially when the initial contract expires and it's by itself

Oh and 'News Limited'?
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FYI News Ltd is the Aussie equivalent of News Int'l, and the original Murdoch entity before Rupert went international and created NewsCorp...

Back to the topic, the studio impression looks a lot like al-Arabiya's studio.
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I presume Sky News Arabia will be available in the UK too? Good idea really, seeing as AlJazeera Arabic isn't on Sky anymore, nor is AlArabiya.
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NYT article of the launch of Sky News Arabia and the Bloomberg backed channel Alarab next year,

While the new channels missed out on the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, as well as uprisings in other Arab countries, executives say they are confident that demand for news will continue to grow.

We believe that these stories that are happening are not a one-off, said Nart Bouran, general manager and head of news at Sky Arabia. News is news, and Im sure well have plenty of it next year.

Sky Arabia, which plans to start broadcasting next spring from Abu Dhabi, will have 13 news bureaus across the region, and will share resources with Sky News of Britain, he said.

But Mr. Bouran, the Sky arabia general manager, said there was room for new channels like Sky Arabia.

I dont know why people are saying theres too many channels, he said. A local channel in Libya is going to focus on Libya. Theres still a market for pan-Arab channels. They will complement each other.

Though Sky Arabia has links to the Abu Dhabi government, the channel will be run as a for-profit venture, with financing commitments from each partner for a sufficient period of time to allow us to stand on our feet and be commercially viable, Mr. Bouran said.

Will be interesting to see if Sky News UK can take advantage of having access to 13 news bureaus across the Middle East. I imagine most of the correspondents for SNA will speak English in addition to Arabic and so would be able to appear on both channels.
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Sky News UK's Video Editor, Shirish Kulkarni, is in Abu Dhabi helping train staff ahead of SNA's launch.


He has posted some pictures of the main studio,the gallery and the ingest area. All looks ready to go, with the obvious exception of the studio which looks a good way off being ready for a Spring launch.

Ingest Area,