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Blake Connolly1,557 posts since 21 Apr 2001
rfrancis51284 posted:
Was it just me or did Steve Dixon sound odd last night? His voice has gone all deep all of a sudden.

Yeah, at first when I tuned in I thought he was just doing a sort of "sombre" voice when announcing the death of the groom from the Antigua case, but he was using it the whole time.
Lost The Remote597 posts since 27 Jul 2008
That was strange. Jason's been replaced on Afternoon Live mid-programme by Marverine Cole, who is just making her first daytime appearance on the station.

Live at Five in Beijing shortly. JT out there for China Week, with Colin Brazier in the studio for the rest of the news.
salfordjohn380 posts since 1 May 2007
I normally watch BBC Breakfast before heading off to work, but I've been away with work and staying in a hotel which only has SKY NEWS in the restaurant.

So the last two days i've had 30 minutes of Sunrise which I haven't seen for yonks . . . .

Eamonn Holmes?? How long has been so grey?? He seems to have just sprouted grey hair over a weekend?? is this right? I would never have guessed he has been dying his hair all these years??
HBox posted:
Has Steve Dixon gotten married? Seems to be wearing a wedding ring now.
Civil Partnership?
jpeg987477 posts since 21 Aug 2007
Must say the coverage from Beijing on Sky News has been first class. All the different locations JT has broadcast and interviewed people from has really added something extra to the coverage.

And I dunno about anyone else,but for me Holly Williams has been a revelation with great reporting and live links(and impressive grasp of the local language aswell!)
JamesWorldNews7,203 posts since 22 Aug 2004
Watched (sorry, endured) Sky News last night for the first time in a very long time. There is really no other way of saying this, but it's totally rubbish. The whole thing is a mess. Nothing good to say about it at all. Not even Helen Fospero's appearance (amongst all the other unknowns) could lend any credibility to the product. A complete hotch-potch of rubbishness.

Naff grahics. Naff presentation. Underused magnificent vast news studio and news wall. Presenters perched at messy-looking perspex breakfast bars.

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