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richard h1,370 posts since 11 Apr 2003
You just need to be able to tell the time.

So Enda Brady's report just now saying we went 1- 0 after just 4 minutes is wrong too then

The attitude on people on here really is something

After not in .

If you score after 30 seconds, that is in the first minute, so after 1 min 30 it's in the 2nd min etc. Hence a goal at 4 mins 44 secs is in the 5th minute , but "just after" the 4th minute (with a loose definition of "just").

That was a much more constructive response than the first one
can someone tell me how you delete your account?
derek500632 posts since 10 Dec 2003
Westcountry Points West
Mark White’s not having much luck with his vox pops. Half the protestors ignore him, one says she’s protesting simply because “Trump’s ugly” and, my personal favourite, the man who said “not for Rupert Murdoch, f*** off.”

And Beth Rigby's complaining that she didn't get picked to ask a question at yesterday's press conference.