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I'm glad they have kept the caps text on the graphics however as has been mentioned earlier there are changes to the lower thirds. The space between the top and bottom line has been reduced which I don't like and the Live location strap looks different too.

I actually prefer them now though - certainly the two lines are closer together and the top line has been moved a few pixels down - but they look crisper and cleaner due to a slightly lower font weighting
EastEngland541 posts since 3 Jun 2017

It's going really well so far - I was skeptical of the automation - but I've not noticed anything different - rather the automation seems to have made things a bit snappier and a few nice small tweaks - they're doing an extraordinary job tonight - they've been on air two hours and everything has worked flawlessly

All the planning has paid off - all credit to Max and the team for a excellent changeover - If Max's teaser about the change to the press preview involves a more relaxed format then even better!

The start to this new era is going very well indeed - Max, if you're reading this, keep up the good work!

Now lets see what the glass box brings! Smile
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