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So no new look as posted by Sky Creative earlier?! It seems they have planned something bigger but now they changed only the logo and some title cards. What has happened here?

Maybe the fact that the previous look didn't need a massive overhaul? The (very) minor tweaks they've made are nice though.

There's nothing seriously wrong with the graphics - the only issues I had was with the boring title cards but they have been resolved now.

That transition from Dermot to the Sky News Tonight titlecard was a nicer animation though than used in the past.
EastEngland541 posts since 3 Jun 2017
I actually like how smooth the title card transitions are, they really are better than the previous ones.

All the transitions are better - the ones with the logo are better as are ones with the live swish - they appear to be at a higher frame rate.

The straps seem far snappier to appear as well.
EastEngland541 posts since 3 Jun 2017
Nice new press preview graphic - really like the lowercase.

MaxSkyNews says that it'll be slightly different tonight.


I'm really liking everything I see so far.
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EastEngland541 posts since 3 Jun 2017
I love how clean the lower thirds look.


I give them 10/10 so far.

There's nothing major that has changed - however things feel a little cleaner, crisp, the graphics appear to be snappier at coming on and the animations are smoother as well.

We've only really seen two new graphics - the Tonight title card and the Press Preview - but they're much nicer and cleaner than the old ones too.
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I'm glad they have kept the caps text on the graphics however as has been mentioned earlier there are changes to the lower thirds. The space between the top and bottom line has been reduced which I don't like and the Live location strap looks different too.

I'm looking on the online feed on the website and if you go back say 3 and a half hours you can see that things are different.
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