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I've been watching The Nine on BBC Scotland lately and think that Sky News are missing a trick. With the view over the atrium, they could use some AR graphics in the same way they would on the main screen. This is something I know The Nine do very well in my opinion, taking full advantage of the atrium view at Pacific Quay studios. I'll find some screen grabs so you can see what I'm talking about.

The trouble is the Pacific Quays atrium is quite easy on the eye, something you can't say about the one at Sky.
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Just a bit too blue for me, but done yesterday for obvious reasons.

Just goes to show though that they can 'save' the box from being too bland with a bit of colour.
Throw in some more red for the other shows and they might get away with it.

Ideally though one day, I'd love to hear that they're building a new modern studio that they can really show off.
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