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That promo is nothing to do with Comcast ownership.

They’ve had promos that were satirical before to promote Budgets (Gordon Brown masked man grabbing money from passers by) and General Elections
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Sophy Ridge on Sunday (with Niall) also coming from Studio 6, Niall saying the galssbox is "getting a lick of paint"

Does anyone know what actually has been done to the glass box? I can't see any difference.

Camera maintenance as opposed to anything pres-y. Studio 6 will be used again this weekend, but that should be it.

Shame. I was hoping they'd been programming some new camera moves - it still bugs me that we don't see the fab view of Sky Central during the day, particularly during Colin and Jayne's programme when the area is so busy. The generic shot of the corridor is absolutely awful.

Kay's show isn't as bad - I love the sweeping shot from the big screen to the corner sofa area, with Sky Central in full view.
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Anglia (West) Look East
Is there problems/ works going on in the Westminster studio today? Rob Powell was in Studio 6 for Sunrise, and Gamal is currently interviewing a guest from Millbank, with rather odd looking studio - all the lights are off apart from a few computers in the newsroom.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland
I've been watching The Nine on BBC Scotland lately and think that Sky News are missing a trick. With the view over the atrium, they could use some AR graphics in the same way they would on the main screen. This is something I know The Nine do very well in my opinion, taking full advantage of the atrium view at Pacific Quay studios. I'll find some screen grabs so you can see what I'm talking about.
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