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Faisal Islam just confronted a protestor who called Theresa May a traitor and treason. Personally I don't think Faisal came out of it looking good but that's my opinion which i'm sure others will disagree with which is fair enough.

Yes he made a complete berk of himself. With his imminent move to the BBC, he needs to calm down a bit!

Well intentioned, but no he didn't come out of it well. Mind you I don't think anyone would have achieved anything useful or constructive with the protestor concerned. Others would have realised that and not gone there
What's happened with Sky its gone to an early break.
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Anglia (West) Look East
Kay, whilst interviewing a guest about the new pictures of a black hole, effectively asked the director to stay on the wide shot of the big screen, instead of cutting to a close up of the guest because the "background behind is boring". That sums up the Sky News presentation over the past year.

I don't want to go over old ground too much, but has there been an established reason for the restricted use of the glassbox?
I think sky was right to move Ian King live because Brexit seems to be overtaking most of the evening.