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BBC World

A small set is being built within CNBC's office space. Nobody is suggesting moving CNBC or NBC News staff into Sky facilities. That is putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 76.

Oh, and if you're going to blindly speculate, at least learn how to spell "Osterley" correctly.,,

Apologies, I’m not speculating based on the fact that Comcast and NBC Universal have been on a huge kick to colocating as many of their operations in North America and Mexico.

If they were planning on to do so down the line would there be space in Osterley, for the space CNBC requires and the 100 or so NBC News staffers would? Along with the CNBC studio, the need a small DTL studio with (the current one has monitors on three walls and three cameras), and a DTL in the newsroom.


Never mind, I was just saying that NBCUniversal and Comcast has increasingly been updating or building their new campuses and colocating many different business units. I was asking if there was room for the NBC News Group work force office space wise and the studio space.
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rob posted:

Oh, and if you're going to blindly speculate, at least learn how to spell "Osterley" correctly.,,

Sky used to be absolutely insistent that it was spelt “Iselworth”.
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UTV Newsline
Sky's Kay Burley is live now on the Ray Darcy Show from RTÉ in Dublin. She is the last guest on the show tonight. She mentioned on the show that she was going to be interviewed by Boris Johnson for a breast cancer charity event in the future. Kay mentioned that she doesn't like being interviewed by other people because she get's nervous in front of them. She said she likes having the control of being the interviewer to her guests. I don't know how she is going to cope with being interviewed by Boris Johnson though.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Problems on Sky News just now, seems like the wrong Ian King Live was put into playout.
Kimberly previewed the Ian King Live repeat before the break at 1:30. Ian King Live (presented by Emma Crosby) started with the headlines but then after the headlines it was just Emma chatting to producers/preparing off air for 10 seconds then we then cut to black screen before another ad break and now it’s back to Kimberly in Studio 6 who is seemingly filling now until 2am now with other news.