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Sky changed their graphics in 2018, so not too long ago. BBC News's prior graphics were from 2013.

This is actually laughable! Sky´s package (core graphics, ToTH and lower thirds) is from May 2015! Nothing changed in 2018 except a lowercase logo and the addition of some title cards, weather map and press preview graphics, beside this all is in the same style than 2015. They even reverted back from new news wall graphics used in late 2017 to the old 2015 style in 2018. So actually even a step backwards !

I thought they had tweaked the lower thirds slightly, but you are right, they are pretty much the same as in 2015. And Sky News could do with a refresh. I don't actually watch it much these days, so they haven't outlived their welcome like the BBC News on-screen graphics did Smile

It would even be a big progress if they stopped adding so much warmth in the camera settings, when the sun shines at the walls of sky central then it looks like a beige brownish hell, looked so much better fresher and more like a news channel in the early days of the glassbox till late 2017.
skyviewer1,621 posts since 9 Feb 2011
The fact the Sky lower thirds along with everything else pres wise is so bland currently has exacerbated the need for a revamp.

Euronews on the other hand is too bold, big and Americanised.

The tragic irony is that Euronews was meant to get a refresh, which has not happened. Now they are stuck somewhere in the middle-zone and nothing fits anymore. Straps too big and the fonts of logo and strap headlines don't match+ titles are cut off.
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Sky News Today is using the desk positioned in front of the screen (same as 9pm) - looks much better than the usual corridor backdrop, although it would look better if they got rid of the Sky News logo.

Don't know whether this is an editorial decision or a change due to problems with the desk. During the Press Preview yesterday, the desk was in the different position to how Anna was sitting.
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It does look better. If it's an editorial decision then isn't it just like throwing in the towel and admitting the glass box just doesn't work for what it was designed for?

I thought all along the current studio setup for sky news was about reducing running costs, especially as it is an operation that was going up for sale at the time.

Cost cutting, at the expense of viewer engagement, and programme output
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