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Got to say I'm really impressed with the effort sky have gone to for their election coverage. Sky central looks great with all the colour stripes and massive desk. multiple jib cameras to be used too by the look of the promo. so much better than the tiny Westminster studio, box or ex sunrise studio ever could have been. its like having sky centre back with an exciting studio even if it is only for 1 day. Now you just need to use the special election music please sky .

Good luck.
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Westcountry Points West
It's very worrying that Beth Rigby was booed at a Conservative press conference. But it's no surprise as both on and off screen her disdain for Boris is evident.

e.g. During the ITV Debate she Tweeted that the audience had laughed at Boris Johnson. I replied to her, asking why she hadn't Tweeted when the audience laughed at Jeremy Corbyn earlier in the debate and she then hastily put out a Tweet mentioning it.

This shouldn't be happening. Alastair Stewart is worth following on Twitter as he also has great concerns about political TV journalists crossing the line into opinion rather than reporting,
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